Classic Brainteasers by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

"From math, technological know-how, and good judgment puzzlers to observe video games to what's-wrong-with-this-picture demanding situations. sketch illustrations provide the publication pick-me-up allure, yet it is the video games themselves that would preserve readers going as they fit wits with Gardner, problem their pals, or just learn alongside and lookup the solutions within the back."--Booklist.

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Thirty cents. CUSTOMER: I'll take fourteen. CLERK: Sixty cents. CUSTOMER: I'll take a hundred and forty-four. CLERK: That will be ninety cents. What on earth is the customer buying? CUSTOMER: CLERK: Answer on page 85. 33 The Stolen Lugs Mr. Green has removed a flat tire and is putting on the spare. He doesn't know that a squirrel is stealing the four lugs (nuts) that hold the tire to the axle. After finding the lugs missing, how does Mr. Green manage to attach his spare tire and drive to the nearest serv ice station where he can obtain four more lugs?

44 A Burglary The Johnsons have just reported a robbery. All the wife's jewels are missing. "You'll want to check inside for fingerprints," Mr. Johnson said to the policeman. "That won't be necessary," the policeman replied. " What made the policeman so sure? Answer on page 86. 45 The Amazing Computer A store has on sale a computer and word processor small enough to fit in your pocket. It can add, multiply, subtract, divide, and write in all languages. A delete device will correct any error. No electricity is required to operate it.

One player moves the smaller coin and the other moves the larger one. Here are the simple rules: 1. The policeman always moves first. After that, players move in turns. 2. Each move is one block only, in any direction. 3. The policeman tries to catch the thief. This is accomplished by moving the smaller coin so that it lands on top of the larger one. 4. The thief tries to keep from getting caught. If he isn't captured in 50 of the policeman's moves, then he wins. Hint: There is a secret way to catch the thief!

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