Classic Outdoor Games by Inc. Klutz

By Inc. Klutz

The 1st of 2 titles released via Klutz this month. every one is a folded laminated sheet packed with video games to maintain you entertained.

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PLAYERS: Show us how to get down! JACK: No way. PLAYERS: Show us how to get down! JACK: OK. ALL (as Jack dances in his own way): D-O-W-N, and that’s the way to get down! ALL (repeating Jack’s dance): D-O-W-N, and that’s the way to get down! Great Minds Two or more actors It’s great for scene partners and groups to be able to think alike. This game is played until two great minds think exactly alike. Everyone sits in a circle. Two players who are next to each other look at each other, count to three, and say any word at the same time.

The person in the middle chair is the listener. She has a very important job. The two actors sitting on either side of the listener compete for her attention by talking about interesting things or making funny noises. On the count of three, the actors on the outside chairs have thirty seconds to talk to the listener at the same time. The goal is to attract the listener’s attention. At the end of thirty seconds, the listener decides which of the two actors captured more of her attention. RULES The talkers must stay in their chairs.

The other players cross or walk to that area of the stage, and the game continues from there. After a few turns, let someone else be the director. Play It Again, Sam! Think of other stage directions to add, such as: Face stage right and point with your upstage hand (the hand furthest from the audience) Cross center stage and kneel on your downstage knee Cross downstage left hopping on your upstage foot Cross upstage center while facing downstage right Pat someone on the back using your upstage hand The director can make the stage direction for only some of the people by saying, “Everyone wearing blue cross to … ,” or “Everyone who ate cereal for breakfast cross to …” When you’re playing with a group, see who can complete each stage direction first.

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