Competitiveness of Chinese Firms: West Meets East by Richard Li-Hua (auth.)

By Richard Li-Hua (auth.)

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The creation and sustainability of competitive advantage has never been more of a challenge than it is today. Flexibility and adaptability, and the ability of both individuals and organizations to learn from experience and competitors are now integral elements of a firm’s business strategy. I have used both the past and the present perfect tense throughout to allow me to explore how Chinese firms have made it and how they have achieved it. However, I also use future tenses, which means strategic advice is given and recommendations are made to firms on how to continue to create competitiveness and sustain it.

Thing that was the right might be wrong today if we re-examine it. ” (Wu, 2013). In terms of competitiveness study, management scholars have pointed out that people concentrated more on “resources” or “raw material”, referred to as “R”, in the nineteenth century, while they focused more on “energy”, referred to as “E”, in the twentieth century. However, R and E continue to be the major determinants of competitiveness in the twenty-first century. What is competitiveness? Why is competitiveness so important?

Readers may find it useful to benchmark the crucial attributes and/ or factors that underpin competitiveness. The strategic framework aims to redefine factors and different facets of competitiveness, and conceptualize the creation of core competence. Theoretical Aspects of Competitiveness This section explores the strategic relation, interrelatedness, and interdependency between and among competitiveness, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. What contributes to competitiveness?

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