Concert Sound and Lighting Systems, Third Edition by John Vasey

By John Vasey

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Sub-low cabinets should be stacked directly on the floor so that the cabinet can couple with the ground. Other speaker cabinets should be above head height so that the sound from the cabinets can disperse. FLYING SPEAKERS Speakers are flown to provide wide coverage with no sight-line obstructions in arena-style venues. Speakers also are flown to provide front-row sound for people seated in the balconies. Most modem speaker cabinet designs incorporate flying hardware. Positioning cabinets in a flown array depends on where people are seated (Figure 4-1).

Figure 4-8. Cross section of a compression driver shows arrangement of high-frequency horn driver parts. ) absorption. Analyzing at the back wall naturally shows a loss of high frequencies, and trying to equalize them back in would make the sound painful everywhere else in the room. The initial measurement should be near and in front of the speaker stack and then at various positions in the room to give an overall view of the necessary adjustments that must be made (Figure 4-9). Some hints for using an analyzer are as follows: 1.

The input signal assigned to an amplifier determines 33 34 CONCERT SOUND AND LIGHTING SYSTEMS Figut-e 5-1. Amplifier with lid removed. Many different power amplifiers are available the speaker component connected to the output. Signal and speaker cables are coded with numbers: 1 , low; 2, mid; 3 , high. The number of speaker components connected to an amplifier channel depends on the electrical resistance (ohms) of the speaker components and the way they are wired. Speakers can be wired in series or parallel (see Figures 4-5 and 4-6).

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