Confectionery packaging equipment by Jeffrey H. Hooper

By Jeffrey H. Hooper

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3 39 Complicated movements Occasionally, the movement of the lever was more important than smoothness of the operation, particularly if several levers needed to move in the same small space, in close succession, to perform some complex action. In that situation, for all the movements involved, the operating arm, the cam roller arm and the cam itself would all be drawn full size. The movement of the operating arm would be plotted incrementally as required. Then, working in reverse order to usual, the cam profile would be drawn by plotting back from the operating arm to the cam runner centre.

3 Applicator for PVA adhesive It is important to use an adhesive designed for this type of applicator because some, which are used with the "dip" type, are much too thick to run from the nozzles. If the machine has not been used for a short time, before beginning to wrap again it is necessary to wipe the nozzles with a wet cloth to remove any film of adhesive that will have formed over the nozzles. 3 Continuous glue line If a continuous glue line is required along one edge of a wrapper, instead of several blobs of adhesive, a disc applicator which rotates in a reservoir of adhesive may be used.

Even with these shortcomings, this system works very well on many machines in common use. 5 19 Knife assemblies-scissors type blades Scissors type blades, either with both blades moving or one fixed and the other moving, are generally used to cut wrappers. When using this method of cutting, the web must stop each time a cut is made. The design of this type of knife set is actually more complicated than it appears, a fact which is not always appreciated by the people responsible for the adjustment of the knives for use.

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