Cultural Policies in East Asia: Dynamics between the State, by Lorraine Lim (Editor) Hye-Kyung Lee (Editor)

By Lorraine Lim (Editor) Hye-Kyung Lee (Editor)

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Speaking for Themselves: Neomexicano Cultural Identity and the Spanish-Language Press, 1880-1920 (Paso Por Aqui Series on the Nuevomexicano Literary Heritage)

Whilst New Mexico grew to become a territory of the U.S. in 1848, the Hispanic inhabitants confronted an inflow of Anglo-American immigrants. The neomexicanos, citizens of a few of the oldest Hispanic groups within the usa, came across their lifeways disdained, their communal estate threatened, and their very life as americans known as into query by means of competitive invaders.

Cultural Studies in Question

This significant textual content bargains a severe reappraisal of the modern perform of cultural reviews. It focuses particularly at the contribution of cultural experiences to the certainty of media, communications and well known cultures in modern societies. The members, a superb team of across the world acclaimed students, study issues equivalent to: the several strands of cultural reviews and the way they're constructed; no matter if cultural reviews is a coherent self-discipline; tensions and debates inside cultural experiences; substitute or comparable methods to modern media and society; and the move by way of cultural reviews revisionists in the direction of extra empirical and sociological modes of research.

The Warrior Merchants: Textiles, Trade and Territory in South India

The traditional picture of Indian society emphasizes its mostly agrarian economic climate and parochial outlook, but this photo ignores the foremost financial and political function of trade and artisan construction. This booklet provides a examine of 1 of an important artisan-merchant groups, the weavers, who shape the second one biggest quarter of the south Indian economic climate.

Creolization and Diaspora in the Portuguese Indies (European Expansion and Indigenous Response)

This ebook offers an unique examine of the substantial Portuguese group in Ayutthaya, the executive river-state in Siam, in the course of a interval of obvious decline (1640-1720). Portuguese populations have been displaced from their leader settlements like Melaka and Makassar, and interested in the river-states of mainland South-East Asia by means of a protecting version of kingship, hopes of foreign alternate and the chance to reap souls.

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Bureaucratic imaginations past and present cannot commune lest they unveil contradictions. It also speaks of the bureaucrat’s power to define art without significant challenge. While the ACSR Report sees art as a grassroots activity, this is not new. In a way, it is a return to the traditional nation building role of the arts. ’ Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary, ONG Soo Chuan, explained the rationale for the ‘Art for Everyone’ project thus: Unfortunately, some young people have adopted the decadent part of the western culture uncritically.

Master bureaucrat GOH Keng Swee, at the opening of the Japanese Gardens in 1973, lamented: I refer to the widespread popularity of the barbarous form of music produced by the steel guitar linked to the ear shattering system of sound amplification. Voice accompaniment takes the form of inane tasteless wailing. It is barbarous music of this kind that is mainly responsible for attracting the mindless young of Singapore to the cult of the permissive of the western world. It is hardly a coincidence that the problem of drug addiction has become serious where performers and audience foregather.

Accessed: March 10, 2013. Ong, S-C. (1973) Speech by Mr Ong Soo Chuan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and MP for Nee Soon, at the Opening of the ‘Art For Everyone’ exhibition organized by the Ministry for Culture and the People’s Association at the Nee Soon Community Centre on Friday, 6 April at 8pm (Singapore: Ministry of Culture). Ortmann, S. (2010) Politics and Change in Singapore and Hong Kong (London: Routledge). Renaissance City Report (2000) (Singapore: Ministry of Information and the Arts).

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