Cultural Roots of Sustainable Management: Practical Wisdom by André Habisch, René Schmidpeter

By André Habisch, René Schmidpeter

This ebook presents a multidisciplinary method of company Social accountability. whereas for many years a simply mathematical-technical orientation ruled the company curriculum, this publication provides CSR and sustainability as a company proposal embedded in its cultural and non secular context. It in the beginning methods useful knowledge from various cultural and non secular traditions as a resource of religious capital for sustainable enterprise practices. as a consequence, it hyperlinks present CSR options and the newest pondering in CSR with long-standing cultural and non secular wisdom, selling a extra complete view on sustainability administration and its implementation at company firms. The e-book collects and unites viewpoints from a variety of cultural and spiritual contexts, supplying a accomplished advisor for overseas and globally energetic businesses.

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Have to be mentioned. Moreover, terrorists invoking religious beliefs are clearly on the rise in recent years—for example the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa, the Al-Shabab in Somalia or Boto Haram in Nigeria. In this sense, any attempt to employ spiritual heritage and religious values for the orientation of business practice have to clearly dissociate itself from any form of fundamentalist mishandling or dogmatic instrumentalization. Objection 2: Spiritual traditions are contradicting with the secured realizations of modern scientific analysis.

The speech is an act of communication between a speaker and her addressee; this communication is taking place in the context of a shared context of meaning. As such, the speech has a relationship to the reality, which can be characterized by a dialectic structure between sense (content) and significance (presumption of truthfulness) (see Ricoeur 1974: 28). With the transformation from speech to text, however, the communication becomes independent from the intention of the communicator. e. e. with what author wanted to say.

Thus, the spiritual text (as symbolic text) cannot be understood as an immediate communication act between the (historical) author (of the second, third or seventh century) and the contemporary reader. Rather it is a text whose primary significance is destroyed—opening-up the space for on-going re-interpretation and appropriation. Therefore, during the course of Human history, spiritual texts and religious motives (‘symbols’) are no longer tied to their original communication context. 16 A. Habisch and C.

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