Curves and Their Properties by Robert C. Yates

By Robert C. Yates

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January and February b. February and March c. March and April d. January and April ( ) 25 m a. 105 m c. 420 m b. 370 m d. 2000 m ( ) 13. 94 liters of milk into a 5-liter container. How much more milk can the container hold? 10. How many cars were sold from January to April? a. 60 b. 80 c. 120 d. 160 ( ) 11. On Saturday, 6120 people went to the zoo to see the pandas. On Sunday, 8870 people went to see the pandas. Which number sentence should be used to ind the best estimate of the total number of people who went to the zoo on both days?

96 L b. 60 L d. 06 L 56 Scholastic Study Smart: Mathematics Practice Tests (Level 4) © Michael W. Priestley, Scholastic Teaching Resources ( ) 14. Cal bought these items at a store. About how much was the total mass he had to carry? 98 kg a. 2 kg c. 8 kg 15. Nina fell asleep on the sofa at 16 15. She woke up at 17 45. For how long did she sleep? a. 1 h 15 min b. 1 h 30 min c. 1 h 45 min d. 10 kg b. 5 kg d. 10 kg ( ) Section B For questions 16 to 34, each answer carries 1 point. Write your answer in the answer blank provided.

What is the shortest route he can take? Ans: 47 Scholastic Study Smart: Mathematics Practice Tests (Level 4) © Michael W. Priestley, Scholastic Teaching Resources 27. I am facing east. If I turn 270° clockwise, I will . face Ans: 28. Write the irst two common multiples of 6 and 8. Ans: 29. What are the missing numbers in the pattern? , 21 160, 21 020, 21 120, 20 980, Ans: 30. What is the value of 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8? Ans: A survey was carried out on a group of students to ind out their residential types.

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