Dancing in the Dark: A Sister Grieves by Elsie K. Neufeld

By Elsie K. Neufeld

Paperback by means of Elsie okay. Neufeld. On behalf of herself and all mourners, Elsie ok. Neufeld recollects her brother, stocks her tears, strives to forgive, and asks the place within the darkness God dances.

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Nor are there quick recipes for getting better. Death and grief are horrible. They are lonely, painful experiences no one can fully understand without personally walking through them. I hope this book can help prepare those who have never experienced a significant loss for what they, too, will someday face. I also hope this book can offer a doorway into the lives of people like myself who have experienced a death. Not having experienced a death is no excuse to avoid those who have. "It is ironic that we who have suffered and need comforting most must be the ones to teach others how to comfort us," someone said to me recently.

What's happened? " I hear a strange voice asking over and over, then realize it is my own. I expect to hear that Mom is sick, Dad's had a heart attack, or worse, that both are dead. These things happen to people my parents' age. But this? Not this! "John's been in an accident," Marg says, trying to cushion the violent news with her soft voice. " I yell. " I shout accusingly, as though they, bearers of this news, are to blame. " My scream echoes to every corner of the earth. " I watch her mouth form the words, see the words reach me, feel them enter me.

His car exploded. " "Oh, God, no," I wail and sink onto the couch, my face falling into my hands, my body folded in half. I rock and rock, my body shaking in this storm. "Are you all right, Elsie? Should I get you something? " a voice asks. "No. " The elements have entered my house, uninvited. Get thee behind me ... Someone wraps my quilt around me. It makes no difference. A north wind howls inside my body. What could ever thaw such cold? "She's in shock," my sister says, from far away. Old events now work their way to the front of my mind and collide with this latest news; like debris they fly into the air around me.

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