Defining Moments: Navigating through Business and by Peter Shaw (auth.)

By Peter Shaw (auth.)

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He surprised himself by how excited he became about this opportunity. He moved on more quickly than some of his friends, who were still feeling resentment on his behalf. Questions we can ask ourselves might be: ■ How readily do I see the positive in demanding roles? ■ What might give me joy even in the most demanding of situations? ■ Can I believe that in any situation there will be moments of joy? Celebrating success anyway Many leaders I talk to admit that they are not good at celebrating success.

To what extent are other people trusting and using my skills and expertise more effectively? What are the top three things that I have learned over the past year? How am I ensuring that I am embedding that learning? Taking stock with others Sometimes the standing-back reflection can be done alone effectively. On other occasions we can benefit from the challenge or companionship of others. The views of a boss can be damaging if they detrimentally affect our confidence or stimulating if they take us to another place in terms of our self-confidence and personal insight.

It is essential to build in a pattern of standing-back moments in a way which fits your personal context and personality. It might seem selfish to create standing-back moments, but it is essential for your long-term wellbeing. Questions to reflect on might be: ■ When am I at my best in terms of standing back? ■ Which types of standing-back moments do I need to ensure are firmly in my diary? How much of this time is me alone and how much is with others? ■ What type of interaction with others helps me stand back effectively: is it talking to a friend, conversations with a coach or a chat with a colleague?

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