Dictionary of military and associated terms : 12 April 2001

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JP 3-05) Army tactical data link 1 — See tactical digital information link. JP 1-02 37 As Amended Through April 2010 arresting barrier — See aircraft arresting barrier. arresting gear — See aircraft arresting gear. arrival zone — In counterdrug operations, the area in or adjacent to the United States where smuggling concludes and domestic distribution begins (by air, an airstrip; by sea, an offload point on land, or transfer to small boats). See also transit zone. 4) artificial horizon — See attitude indicator.

JP 3-04) ammunition supply point — See distribution point. amphibian — A small craft, propelled by propellers and wheels or by air cushions for the purpose of moving on both land and water. 6) amphibious assault — The principal type of amphibious operation that involves establishing a force on a hostile or potentially hostile shore. See also assault; assault phase. (JP 3-02) amphibious assault ship (general purpose) — A naval ship designed to embark, deploy, and land elements of a landing force in an assault by helicopters, landing craft, amphibious vehicles, and by combinations of these methods.

Also called AO. See also area of responsibility; joint operations area; joint special operations area. (JP 3-0) area of responsibility — The geographical area associated with a combatant command within which a geographic combatant commander has authority to plan and conduct operations. Also called AOR. See also combatant command. (JP 1) area of separation — See buffer zone. Also called AOS. See also peace operations. 3) area operations — (*) In maritime usage, operations conducted in a geographical area and not related to the protection of a specific force.

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