Dictionary of Sports Science by A & C Black Publishers

By A & C Black Publishers

This worthwhile reference for someone drawn to the attention-grabbing international of activity comprises greater than 5,000 phrases in relation to recreation and activities technological know-how. one of the integrated matters are anatomy, body structure, physiotherapy, biology, activities medication, carrying principles and rules, governing our bodies, healthiness and health, and banned elements.

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The establishment of a relationship between members of a team bone bone noun any of the numerous solid structures in the body that make up the skeleton bone atrophy noun same as bone loss bone chip noun a fragment of detached bone that slips into a nearby joint causing pain bone atrophy bone chip and swelling, caused by trauma bone density bone density noun same as bone mass bone formation noun the creation of new bone fibres within the body from calcium bone formation carbonate and calcium phosphate bone hypertrophy bone hypertrophy noun an increase in bone mass as a result of activity, especially weightbearing activity bone loss bone loss noun the weakening of bone fibres caused by ageing or disease, causing conditions such as osteoporosis.

Same as backboard 2. same as skateboard 3. g. fm Page 32 Monday, September 25, 2006 2:53 PM body 32 body body noun 1. the physical structure of a person, as opposed to the mind 2. the main part of a person’s body, not including the head or arms and legs 3. ‘ foreign body body bar body bar noun a type of free weight bodyboarding noun a form of surfing in which the participant is mainly lying down bodyboarding on the board bodybuilding bodybuilding noun the practice of developing the muscles of the body through weightlifting and diet bodycheck bodycheck noun in some sports, especially ice hockey or soccer, an illegal act of using the body to obstruct an opposing player í verb in some sports, especially ice hockey or soccer, to use the body to obstruct an opposing player illegally body composition analysis body composition analysis noun a method of testing the proportions of different fat and lean tissues that make up a person’s body.

Fm Page 27 Monday, September 25, 2006 2:53 PM 27 beta carotene behavioural coaching behavioural coaching noun skills coaching in which the athlete is given a breakdown of the components of the skill, with positive personal feedback as they master each part behavioural medicine behavioural medicine noun the interdisciplinary study of behavioural, psychosocial and biomedical knowledge relevant to the understanding of health and illness behavioural sciences behavioural sciences noun the study of human behaviour behaviourism noun an approach to psychology that focuses on a person’s behavbehaviourism ioural responses to stimuli and the reasons for these behaviour modification behaviour modification noun a formal method of changing somebody’s habits and long-term behavioural patterns through education and guidance behaviour therapy behaviour therapy noun a form of psychotherapy with the goal of observable changes in problem behaviour rather than changes in mental state belief belief noun confidence that someone or something is good or will be effective belly noun the abdomen or the stomach (informal) belt noun 1.

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