Eduard C. Lindeman and Social Work Philosophy by Gisela Konopka

By Gisela Konopka

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We had had discussions over a long period of time with the University of Chicago about the possible transfer of the work of the school. We were very insistent, however, upon one point. We said that the School would give up its work as an independent institution and move to the University only if the University would give the school the status of a graduate professional school that was enjoyed by a law school. We were not willing to become a part of any social science department, nor were we willing to be just another department in a graduate school of arts, literature and science.

25 The meetings of the Inquiry group continued until 1929 and had a strong influence on Lindeman. At this time he fully accepted Dewey's pragmatism and became interested in research of group process and group participation. In 1922 Lindeman spoke at a Recreation Congress. In the audience was Walter Pettit, faculty member of the New York School of Social Work. He caught Lindeman's contagious feeling for people and his capacity to apply psychological and value theories to practice. , Information Service, Vol.

She had a passion for exactness and at a time when the social sciences were manifesting a tendency to emulate the methods of the older and more exact physical sciences she represented in this group the growing demand for quantitative reliability. Marion Kenworthy had the effect upon the School of a medium- TEACHER AT THE NEW YORK SCHOOL 47 sized gale disturbing the academic waters. Her introductory course in Psychiatry sent students into eddies of disturbance which necessitated basic reorientations of their backgrounds and experiences.

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