Elastic and Charge Exchange Scattering of Elementary by H. Schopper (eds.)

By H. Schopper (eds.)

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Fig. 15 shows a comparison of the angular distribution and the polarization at lOGeV/c from which one concludesthat the structure in da/dt and that in P at Ir(z 1 GeV2 are probably correlated. 6 Cozzikoet 01. 4 Albrowet 01. *. ' Granniset a(. 5 Fig. 13. Some typical polarization mcasuremcnts. P, vs. 111. at various beam momenta. OGeV/c 1 A 4 I GeV/c lo2 - Fig. f4. The maximum polarization, P,,,,, vs. beam momentum. p,, in pp scattering. ItI 5 1 GeV2 Fig. 15. Comparison of the angular distribution, da/dt, and the polarization, P, vs.

773 Acknowledgements The author is grateful to Dr. F. C. ErnC for pointing out some omissions and errors in the original manuscript. 1 Differentielle Wirkungsquerschnitte der elastischen pp-Streuung: ijbersicht [Lit. S. 8 X - X X X 2 x 3 3 E >( 3 X X X X X X ! t i I i - X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X - - Detection nethod iPC -Ii-rror %ef. tat. , ;yst. 50 - Ref. itat. 2. I Differcntielle Wirkungsquerschnitte der elastischen ppStreuung: ijbersicht [Lit. S. 4 Detection method Error Stat.

The total elastic pp cross section a,, vs. pl. The highest energy point has been measuredat the CERh IntersectingStorageRings [71 H 11. 10-33" 10-37o , If \ '2 4 6 8 \ii IO (GeV/c)*14 BNL Foleyet al. 6 GeV/c Berkeley Clyde et al.. 7 GeV/c 1 Argonne Akerlof et 01.. , p, = E... 21 GeV/c t BNL Cocconiet 01.. 32 GeV/c Fig. I I. The formula of Krisch is comparedwith pp scattering data [67 K 1-j. - The spin dependenceof the pp interaction is described by the transverse polarization P, produced in the scattering process,and the Wolfenstein parametersD, A, R, A', R', C,,, C,,.

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