Electronic Semiconductors by Spenke E.

By Spenke E.

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3 XI,YI ? 48 XI,YI ? 32 XI,YI ? 625 NEW X VALUE ? 21 ANOTHER X-VALUE (Y/N)? Y NEW X VALUE ? 25875 ANOTHER X-VALUE (Y/N)? 4 given above. 9. The quadratic value should be the most accurate. The accuracy cannot, of course, be greater than the original data on which the graph is based. (3) Note that values computed far from the original data points may be unreliable. Using more than four or five data points requires careful consideration since the Lagrange polynomial will then have several maximum or minimum points and may then be rather more 'wiggly' than the data would suggest.

Can you alter the program to find this distance directly ? Find such a distance for a range of angles and plot the contour of constant stress around the crack tip. 1 Introduction The stress intensity factor K is a measure of the severity of the defect in a given cracked region and its determination is normally the first step in the process of deciding the maximum allowable crack size or stress. Values of stress intensity factor (SIF) are often normalised with a divisor K0 (= σ>/πα) which is the K-value corresponding to a crack of half-length a in an infinite sheet under a constant normal load σ.

10) gives the stress as 3σ 0 which is the correct stress concentration factor in this case. 3 also computes the crack tip stress and the maximum stress (which is at the edge of the hole). 12 to give an edge-crack approximation of the Q-value. 12*T PRINT " MEAN Q =";M;" MAX Q =M;L;" TIP Q =";T END Stress intensity factors 42 Sample run 1 RUN MS MS - DETERMINATION OF K FROM MEAN STRESS RADIUS OF HOLE R? 1 LENGTH OF CRACK A ? 01 EVEN NUMBER OF INTERVALS (ZERO TO STOP)? 93162 EVEN NUMBER OF INTERVALS (ZERO TO STOP)?

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