Elementary School: (Hyper)Masculinity in a Feminized Context by Scott Richardson (auth.), Scott Richardson (eds.)

By Scott Richardson (auth.), Scott Richardson (eds.)

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28 OWEN The secretary, before unlocking the door said to Owen through the speaker, “Come down to the office, Mr. ” Owen said nothing back and pulled at the heavy metal door at the sound of the buzzer. We made our way to the office, but Heath Getz, the principal, met Owen halfway in the hall and explained that a fifth grade teacher had fallen ill during lunch and her class needed to be covered for the afternoon. Owen was charged to step in. , art, music, and so on—typically hated to cover classes because it took away from servicing their students.

It was an educationally sound plan. My students would practice skills that involved money, maps, and schedules in taking the bus to the YMCA, and grooming, safety, social skills, and recreation while at the pool. Besides that, my students’ parents were excited about the program, it was free to the school district, and it brought the 21 CHAPTER 2 school good press—I would even let my administrators take credit for my work if need be. Maybe I would get a firm talking to, but certainly they would not veto the program, I thought.

29 CHAPTER 3 “Do what you want, I mean, yeah, it’s fine. ” At the bar, Owen explained to me that at the end of the school year, he was moving to Los Angeles. ” I was surprised, upset, and felt a bit betrayed. My feelings were not rational, but we had just begun to rekindle our friendship. Owen explained that he does not feel he is successful anymore. That he dreaded going to work. That it was not so much the city he hated, but it was the school district. Then he admitted it was mostly Fairfield he loathed.

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