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By Philip J.Currie, Kevin Padian

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For synapomorphies see text. Taxa of debated placement, not listed here, include Acrocanthosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Chilantaisaurus, Piatnitzkysaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Giganotosaurus. These are all recognized as Carnosauria and a possible phylogeny is given under that entry. Allosauroidea 7 FIGURE 2 Skull of Allosaurus (after Madsen, 1976). with Cryolophosaurus as a more basal carnosaur. Holtz (1996) also found Giganotosaurus and the Carcharodontosauridae to be allosauroids closer to Allosauridae than to Sinraptoridae.

Collection alcoves along the sides of the halls represent branches that contain fossil representatives of the principal dinosaurian clades. One system of computer interactives located in each alcove is utilized to present curatorial views about the evolutionary relationships of the dinosaurs on that branch. A second system of computer interactives is used to present the ‘‘walkthrough time’’ approach utilized in most exhibitions. The main point of the presentation is to illustrate for the visitor what we really know about these extinct animals.

M. (1994). Jurassic and Cretaceous sauropod evidence in the Mesozoic carbonate platforms of the southern Alps and Dinarids. Gaia 10, 65–73. Jacobs, L. , Winkler, D. , and Gomani, E. M. (1997). Cretaceous dinosaurs of Africa: Examples from Cameroon and Malawi. In Gondwana Dinosaurs (R. Molnar and F. ), in press. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, Brisbane. Krause, D. , Hartman, J. , and Wells, N. A. (1997). Late Cretaceous vertebrates from Madagascar: Implications for biotic change in deep time. In Natural and Human-Induced Change in Madagascar (B.

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