Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items (Vol 09) by U.S. Army Research and Development Command.; TACOM, ARDEC.;

By U.S. Army Research and Development Command.; TACOM, ARDEC.; Warheads, Energetics and Combat Support Center

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The fission products in one caseare produced when a desiredsampleis mixed or coated with uranium oxide and subsequently irradiated with slow neutrons. = -.? ; :3 , o laq 10 ;& 1 I I 11 1 ~~” ENERGY , 2 (MeV) ]gl ! l I I Proton / LEAD STYPHNATE t ,07~ , , ,,,,,, 102 103 10-1 102 1 t & t 1111 , “o 10q ENERGY 1“1 10° ,02 10’ (MeV) Range-energyrelation for protons and a-particles in lead styphnate 101 I 1 I 11111 1 I I1 Iltl /“’’’’” Proton 10° 1 I i 1181 Ilc I 1 I I I I 111 L 101 1 I I Alpha / . g” 1 : i I I 2 (MeV) ;8’ 103 PROTONS 102 ALPHAS Range-energyrelation for protons and a-particles in lead azide Fig 1 Range-EnergyRelation for Protons and a-Particles in SeveralExplosives(Ref 109) R8 to its fission with about one-half of the fission fragmentsformed within a layer 1p in thickness entering the crystals.

The first type revealedno major problems due to the irradiation or elevated temp. The second type with the gunpowder deteriorated to the point of failure Pulsed Reactor Irradiation One of the first instanceswhere a very high dose rate might have unexpected effects on an expl wasreported briefly by Urizar et rd (Ref 98). Using the Los Alamos critical assemblyknown asGodiva II, the total dosedeliveredwas about 7 x 1012n/cm2. The gammadosewas small – about 1200R~ due to self-shielding 17% — — — 53 25 5 — X40 38% 30 10 12 3 7 — — — — — X-41 37% 29 9 10 3 7 5 — — — — The organic’secondary expls were sealedin quartz containers and exposedto a single radiation pulse.

IRRADIATION) GAMMA ( 3 HR. IRRADIATION) GAMMA (4 HR. IRRADIATION) GAMMA ( 4 HR. IRRADIATION) GAMMA (/0 HR. 0 DEG-’ .. 5 were heated to simulate the fireball heating and the following evaluation tests were performed: thermal sensitivity, shock sensitivity, propagation testing and a yield test. The expl yield of DATB decreasedslightly, while the propagation sensitivity y increased slightly after exposure. The changeswere not considered significant to impair the system. DATB and HNS were recommendedfor usein the debris system Menichelli (Ref 249) irradiated two types of EEDswith neutrons and gammasand tested after long term storageat elevatedtemps.

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