Encyclopedie de la cuisine au micro-ondes : Entrees, plats, by Laura Landra, Margherita Landra

By Laura Landra, Margherita Landra

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Shamanism is not an exclusively male role. Sakhalin Ainu shamanism differs considerably from Hokkaid6 Ainu shamanism. Among the Sakhalin Ainu, with regard to the symbolic structure, the shamanistic ritual represents the process of cooking, a role assigned to women in Ainu society. Shamanism is highly valued among the Sakhalin Ainu, and highly regarded members of society of both sexes, including heads of settlements, may become shamans. Although shamans sometimes perform rites for divinations of various sorts and for miracles, most rites are performed to diagnose and cure illnesses.

Large animals such as bear, deer (in Hokkaid6), musk deer, and reindeer (in Sakhalin) were usually caught using individual techniques of hunting, although cooperation among individuals sometimes took place, especially among the Hokkaid6 Ainu. They used the bow and arrow, the set-trap bow, the spear, and various kinds of traps for hunting land mammals, often combining different methods. The hunting techniques of the Hokkaid6 Ainu were on the whole technologically more developed than those of other Ainu.

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