Ion Channel Factsbook I: Extracellular Ligand-Gated Channels by Edward Conley, William J. Brammar

By Edward Conley, William J. Brammar

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Are measured reversal potentials in response to ionic equilibrium potentials with specified charge carriers under physiological conditions. This field also lists estimated physical dimensions of ionic selectivity filterst where derived from ion permeationt or electron micrographic studies. Field number 41: Single-channel data: This field should report exarnples of singlechannel current amplitudes and single-channel conductancest measured under stated conditions. In the absence of authentic single-channel data, estimates of channel conductancest derived from whole-cell recordingt and fluctuation analysist may be listed.

O r RrwFoprnrntrr! 1 I N M l l A . OX- 11). R. ; ;IF nll [ c . ~cprthclial . ccllsl. entry 04 The ELG receptor-channela form an extended protein sequence ‘sriperEamilyJ ELG channel gene evohtion 04-01-09: Similar hydropathy plotst and amino acid sequence motifst are ohserved at equivalent positions in subunits of diffcrcnt supcrfamilyt mcmhcrs (see FIR. I cxcmplificd for rcccptor-channels gated hy acetylchnlinc, GARA, glycinc and glutamatc). Rascd on closcncss of optirnnl amino acid sequcncc alipnmcnts, thc ELG superfamily has hccn further d i v i d ~ dinto ~ groups Ia and Ih (see Tuhle 1).

A full discussion of the potential scope for integration of these resources with molecular-based entries appears in Resource J - Search criteria & C S N development, entry 65. Brief details are given in Feedback & CSN access, entry 12, in each volume. Field number 53: D a t a b a s e listings~primary sequence discussion: This field should tabulate separately listed items of relevance to the channel type and may include 'retrieval strings' such as locus names, accession numbers, keyword-containing identifiers and other miscellaneous information.

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